Sticking Together

Kindergarten, First, Second Grade



Science Content:

Observing, exploring, describing and comparing properties of objects and materials.


Estimated Time: 1-2 class periods


During this lesson students will make observations about how objects stick based on things in their environment. They will then make observations about paste and compare it to things they have used before in their world. Students will use their study of paste and recipes to create their own recipe for a paste substance and test their substance to see if it can stick objects together.

Part 1: Students make observations of objects that stick. As a class they will draw conclusions about similarities and differences in these items. Then students will explore types of materials that stick objects together. 

Part 2: Students will then investigate paste and make predictions about what it is and record observations from images. Students will also study recipes and how they are used to create an item as well as all the parts a recipe includes.

Part 3: During this step, students will use their previous exploration to develop a recipe for a paste substance. They will then test their paste to see if it can stick magazine pictures. They will have to justify why their recipe is the best or how they could change it to improve it when compared with a given Paste Recipe. 

Part 4: Students can expand on their thinking to test heavier and lighter objects and discuss changes or rationale for why their paste worked. 

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