Third Grade

3 LS


Science Content:

Differentiate between the life cycles of different plants and animals.

Analyze animal structures and functions needed for survival.

Discuss observations and measurements made by other people.


Estimated Time: 4 30-minute periods


During this lesson, students will listen to a story about Echo the Bat to learn about bats, their body structure, how they use echolocation, foods they eat and how/why they migrate. Students will then work in a jigsaw group to learn facts about bats and present their observations with the group. 

Part 1: The teacher will read aloud The Adventures of Echo the Bat and students will have discussions throughout the story. These discussions will focus on the structure of the bat and how this helps it fly, echolocation, food the bats eat, places they sleep and why they migrate. Students will complete a coloring page using the information they have learned. 

Part 2: Students will be assigned a jigsaw group and a Fact Card about bats to study. They will meet with similar Fact Card students to share their learning and create a presentation for their jigsaw group. Students will then teach their group about their Fact Card.

Part 3: Students will complete a writing assignment to demonstrate their knowledge about bats. They will also use a diagram to compare butterflies and bats. 

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