MVP Cubes for K-2

Kindergarten, First, Second Grade



MVP's in Math (for grades K-2) focus on the "Most Valuable Practices"-the eight Mathematical Practices in the Common Core State Standards and are great to use after students problem solve to reflect on their mathematical thinking!

Additional Information

Included in the K-2 MVP packet you will receive::

A total of 9 MVP Cubes to use AFTER problem solving, GOAL (Gathering Observations to Assess Learning) sheets to observe and assess learning for each Common Core Mathematical Practice, and great teacher info!

Each K-2 MVP Cube has 6 question prompts, giving you 54 prompts that you can use to focus on the mathematical practices with students while they solve rich word problems and talk about math!

We also have a Grades 3-8 set of MVPs in Math!

Just print and fold the cube you want to use. Students roll a cube that has a prompt related to each mathematical practice and respond in a journal. The cubes can be used in a center, at table groups, whole class, or even to send home for parents to ask good questions.